Green strength is a term used to express the strength, cohesive force of rubber compounds in their raw state, before being cured. Green strength of silicone compounds becomes an important factor when processing them on equipments originally designed to handle organic rubber, particularly calanders.

General grade silicones compounds, regardless of hardness, are normally being faced with the problem of having an insufficient green strength and too high elongation to be used on calanders and hence for manufacturing of silicone hoses, particularly when reinforced with a stretchable fabric needed for curved automotive turbocharger or coolant radiator hoses. A high-green-strength silicone rubber is ideally needed for such application. We are able to prepare a customer specific silicone compound, by varying green strength of any silicone compound.

Highest quality compounds with constant repeatability

Commitment, to provide the highest quality compounds with constant repeatability.In the laboratory, in addition to the development of new compounds, we regularly carry out checks of newly arrived raw materials and perform control checks of all outgoing compounds. On this basis we issue a test report, which is enclosed to every single compound dispatched. This way the end customer can verify the quality of the material received.

We keep track records of every single compound produced, experimental or commercial.All ingredients are checked using bar code and have to match the code on the work order, then they get precisely weighted and checked again by computer for tolerance limits, all to eliminate human error and hence maintain highest quality and repeatability.We work in partnership with our customers, suppliers and staff, endlessly striving for improvements. Quality is our obsession.


Always offer full technical resources and development, regardless of industry sector.

We cooperate in partnership with our cleints, closely and confidentially, to develop compounds or solutions to any given problem. Whatever the industry, we can provide the silicone compound that meets given specific needs by varing the hardness, colour, elongation, rebound, media resistance, self-extinguisig properties, etc.
We are always looking forward, ready to accept new chalanges. We constantly discover new innovative uses of silicone based products and provide tailored solutions to implement them on the market.

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