General purpose

"Silicones with attitude."

Silicone rubber is a synthetic elastomeric material, tough enough to withstand the hostile environments of Space or extreme temperatures and pressures of combustion engines, yet safe enough to be used as kitchenware or for baby bottle nipples.

Innovative compounding solutions

Usually silicone polymers are transparent or translucent in their basic form, so customer can choose between virtually any colour tone according to RAL or L*a*b* scale. We are equipped with spectrophotometer, which enables us to  match the colour perfectly.

Compounds can be made for compression or injection molding, extrusion (hot air curing) or curing in autoclave. Depending on viscosity, we classify silicones as HCR (high consistency rubber) or LSR (liquid silicone rubber).

We design exclusive recipies for each individual project

In close cooperation with our customers, we design exclusive recipies for each individual project, by varing hardness, colour, elongation, rebound, media resistance, self-extinguisig properties, etc.

Physical properties of HCR silicones range from tensile strength of 5 to 11 MPa, hardness from 5 to 95 ShA and elongation from 120 till 1200%, depending on actual hardness and application intended.

The weathering stability of silicones is so good that they can be used without restriction in the open air. Their high resistance to detergents and cleaning agents also makes them outstanding processing auxiliaries for all drinking water and sanitary applications.

Having lower viscosity, for a given hardness, than conventional rubber, silicone elastomers are easily processable. The viscosity of consistency of HCR silicone ranges from putty soft to clay hard. By choosing the right crosslinking system, we are able to custom set the operating temperature from 90°C, up to 210°C, to set an optimum between productivity and production costs, depending on production process itself.

Our values

expert advising

We dedicate to provide our customer a rapid and expert advice at all times (rapid advice and expertise), by choosing an appropriate compound or solution, which enables our customers to journey from idea to realization with ease.

Our main focus has always been to produce the high quality compounds with superior processability, at a competitive price.

Highest quality compounds with constant repeatability

Commitment, to provide the highest quality compounds with constant repeatability.In the laboratory, in addition to the development of new compounds, we regularly carry out checks of newly arrived raw materials and perform control checks of all outgoing compounds. On this basis we issue a test report, which is enclosed to every single compound dispatched. This way the end customer can verify the quality of the material received.

We keep track records of every single compound produced, experimental or commercial.All ingredients are checked using bar code and have to match the code on the work order, then they get precisely weighted and checked again by computer for tolerance limits, all to eliminate human error and hence maintain highest quality and repeatability.We work in partnership with our customers, suppliers and staff, endlessly striving for improvements. Quality is our obsession.


Always offer full technical resources and development, regardless of industry sector.

We cooperate in partnership with our cleints, closely and confidentially, to develop compounds or solutions to any given problem. Whatever the industry, we can provide the silicone compound that meets given specific needs by varing the hardness, colour, elongation, rebound, media resistance, self-extinguisig properties, etc.
We are always looking forward, ready to accept new chalanges. We constantly discover new innovative uses of silicone based products and provide tailored solutions to implement them on the market.

We invite you to trust us your requirements.

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