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Words quality and repeatability are embedded into our mind set and are one of the leading factors of every single procedure and process that take place in our company.

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We cooperate in partnership with our clients, closely and confidentially, to develop compounds or solutions to any given problem.

Evosil way

We always offer full technical support, resources and development, regardless of industry sector.

EVOSIL® compounds are produced on a modern, computer controled production line.

It enables absolute repeatability and process control with better and easier work conditions for our staff as well as help us to maintain cleaner and safer work environment.


Team of professionals and reasearches

Gomline staff team, together with Wacker's research centere, strives that EVOSIL® earns and maintains a synonym for the highest quality and repeatability considering physical and chemical properties, as well as processability of silicone compounds on the market.

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